// Why I’ll Never Purchase From Kylie Cosmetics Again //

Disclaimer: Before anyone starts bashing me for this blog post, bare in mind if you were in my shoes, you’d be pissed as well!! These things cost money, they weren’t cheap, they weren’t free regardless even if they were a gift. I had and is still having a really shit experience with Kylie Cosmetics, if you’ve had tremendous luck with them, congratulations, move along. I’m not forcing anyone to not buy from her, but I’m here to tell you my experience, everyone else’s and why personally she doesn’t deserve my money. 


I’m here to share my story with you about my experience with Kylie Cosmetics. I’m pretty sure everyone knows the rave about Kylie Cosmetics since the start with her lip kits. At one point I was also on the bandwagon.

So my boyfriend with good intentions said he wanted to buy some lip kits for me, obviously I was ecstatic. This was back in February. When she released her lip kits on 6th February, I stayed up until 1am just for it (like everyone else in the world who does not live in the US) but I managed to get my hands on 4 lip kits. The moment I placed my order, I received an email confirming it. I thought to myself, finally I get to try the lip kits!


130.95 USD is 177.75 in Brunei Dollars. NOT CHEAP.

A few days later on the 11th of February I received the shipping confirmation email. Finally right??? Nope, I was so wrong. Till this day, I have yet to receive my lip kits.

Side note: I ordered from Jeffree Star a few days later on the 13th February, it shipped on the 16th February and arrived exactly 2 weeks later. My boyfriend ordered another lip kit (Mary Jo) on 15th February again, it arrived to him in the UK within a week + nearly 2 weeks only

I emailed their customer service back and forth but frankly, they’re absolutely useless. I called my local post office, they said there’s no package under my tracking number.



The nerve this company has.. It makes it seem like she does not care about her customers at all to be putting that disclaimer on her website. Customer services just keeps repeating the same thing over and over again, not only to me but even my friend. So I’m assuming they repeat it to everyone.


I checked my tracking and my order never even left the US??? So they still have to be responsible for my missing order.


Clearly at this point, Kylie only cares about releasing more product, getting money but not bothered about problems that her customers are facing.

MOST companies care about their customers satisfaction and provide returns or exchange but Kylie Cosmetics couldn’t be bothered. Straight to the point “they are not responsible for any shipping deliveries” and won’t replace any faulty products.

Here’s to name a few:


Come on Kylie, you said you’re a “serious business woman” act like one.

Just when I thought my missing order is bad, there’s more..


These are brand new wands, right out of the tube and Jeffree wasn’t the only one…





then it gets worse..


(read her story here: Salt and Chic)




EMPTY BOXES?? Never have I seen anyone get an EMPTY box. This is also called “scamming” and one can file a report on this.

I’ve seen A LOT of people complaining they sent their package to the wrong country!!


Kylie Cosmetics isn’t worth it anymore people. Do you really want to be giving your money to this type of company? Is it worth spending your money on her products because “it’s popular” “all the rave right now” “it’s Kylie Jenner” “it’s pretty” “everyone is getting it”? Don’t tell me her products are really great, long lasting, doesn’t come off etc. because it’s not that special.


Firstly, Colourpop makes her products, secondly her products are shipped from the same warehouse as Colourpop and thirdly, there are WAY better brands out there than the lip kit. I have a Kylie lip kit, Colourpop, LA Splash, MAC, theBalm, TooFaced etc. Her liquid lipstick doesn’t stand out at all, trust me. Not even her lipstick shades stands out.

The only reason why people are buying it, getting their panties in a bunch for it is because it’s popular and she’s popular. Simple as that.

Kylie “starting out” is just an excuse, she’s an A list celebrity  with all the money in the world. I and many other people would appreciate it if she would work on fixing the current issues first then release more products. If it comes out half arsed, it puts out a bad image.

Honestly, if Kylie truly cares about her customers she would look into the complaints she’s receiving.


All this isn’t even HALF of it. Go through @kyliecosmetics on Instagram, search Kylie Cosmetics on Twitter, there are plenty of complaints everywhere. So far, I’ve yet to see someone’s issue being resolved by them.


I’m not telling you guys how you should spend your money, if you still want to purchase her products, by all means go ahead. But I’m here to show you what’s behind the curtains. Once you get your hands on the lip kit, you will snap out of delusional bubble, believe me. It’s just such a waste of money and never do I want to support such an irresponsible company.

Spend your money wisely, don’t fall for things just because they are popular.

Quality over quantity, remember that.

Do feel free to spread this blog post around for awareness if you’d like!
UPDATE #1: 22nd APRIL 2016 

Once again I emailed Kylie Cosmetics’ customer service telling them my order has never left USPS’ facility 3 days ago. They replied me a few minutes ago saying the same thing all over again (Halim is my boyfriend’s name)

How can it be an international problem yet when it never left the United States???? How can they not track my package if it never left USPS??? I don’t understand and I’m fed up.

UPDATE #2 : 24th APRIL 2016

I just received a (for once) helpful email from customer service

So I went on USPS, signed up and filed a missing package claim but then..

I had no idea what it meant so I had my boyfriend call USPS

So apparently I cannot file a missing claim for my package because it’s not trackable, they can only track First Class packages and my parcel is the lowest class shipping… I didn’t have a choice anyways since Kylie Cosmetics only offered one shipping option.

Back to square one.

UPDATE #3 : 27th APRIL 2016

So I got the most surprising email from Kylie Cosmetics today after emailing them letting them know that I cannot file a missing package.

They are finally going to give me a replacement?? Is this real life?? Or a fantasy??

Hopefully they will stay true to their words! If they do, Kylie Cosmetics might just be improving! 🙂

UPDATE #4 : 29th APRIL 2016

Hopefully this is for real! Lets hope for the best.

UPDATE #5: 16th MAY 2016

So I’ve emailed Kylie Cosmetics back and forth so many times asking where’s my replacement order and this is all their response to me

And then I received this a day ago???

What the actual f….????

UPDATE #6: 3rd JULY 2016:

I’ve stopped trying to contact Kylie Cosmetics. It is clear they will not give me a refund and they never will. I don’t know when will Kylie ever resolve her cosmetic issues. I still see people getting faulty products left and right. She keeps releasing new products but never try to resolve any problems. I’m officially done.


UPDATE #7: 11th JULY 2016:

I received a post card from the post office on 5th July stating I have a parcel to collect since the 10th of June, but I wasn’t even in Brunei at that time. I finally collected the parcel today and of course it was Kylie because I didn’t even order anything.


The sticker on the box is so dirty, God knows where has this box been. You can see that the mailing date is 10th of February.


and it arrived on the 10th of June. Exactly 5 months.


At least the content is safe and clean. However I will not be keeping these, I’m going to sell them as I’m not going to be using them anyways.

So I guess that’s it. I’m no longer associating myself with Kylie Cosmetics.


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42 thoughts on “// Why I’ll Never Purchase From Kylie Cosmetics Again //

  1. As someone who is not interested in the mainstream pop culture I have no clue who she is – sorry… but all that I have heard is people saying how beautiful she is … or how bad the products are O_O in the end i know i dont want to try them at all after reading all the unhappy customers stories…

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  2. I feel so lucky to have had my order work out, I ordered mine before I had heard about any of this and it could have easily been me too! Absolutely wild, will definitely not be purchasing anymore.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Really interesting post I’ve so far been lucky with my lipkits, however my lip glosses weren’t such good quality the brushes were just like the ones shown above :(. I emailed them and they are sending out new ones. It’s so annoying!

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  4. Hello, I bought 15 kits 450 dollars, that day had 5 colors for sale and we are three sisters so it was a lip of each color for each sister, this was on 29 February, and today we are on April 17 and they not come ! they just say they can not do anything.They are a real disappointment. They offered me to resend the package and the days they resend an email saying it was not possible. I never trust them only contradict and do nothing

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    1. i know this is kind of old but you can contact you credit card company if you paid with a credit card and file a claim. they will fix this.. I had same thing happen and I’m battling with them now.. worst company! I actually used to work with someone who knew kylie and I doubt she knows this is going on but than again I’m sure she sees the complaints. such a waste of money just to say you have a lip kit theres soon much better ones out there. check out the hula beauty ones that are about to launch her stuff is amazing.


  5. Appalling the way the Kylie team have treated you! It doesn’t surprise me that this is her attitude on customer service because she is a spoilt, selfish petulant brat who can’t take one eye off her phone on KUWTK, I wouldn’t ever do business with her or certainly ever endorse anything for her. Hope your problem gets resolved because as you mentioned her products are way overpriced for what they are! x

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  6. Omg I was expecting a review from you on her lipkit HAHA I was aware of the wand issue and really laughed out loud watching Jeffree Star throwing them into the bin on snapchat, but totally unaware of all the unrefundable and empty boxes issue. Gosh, I hope they can resolve this and give you a refund. I mean BND177 buleh sudah bali 177 nasi katok or atleast 5 more Jeffree Star’s Velour Liquid Lipstick ugh and you kinda saved me from ordering her Lipkit LOL so thank you much for sharing your experience xx

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    1. I’ve emailed them once again demanding a reply when I laid out facts about my order since they’ve never left the US anyways. NO REPLY. It’s SOOO frustrating. There’s so many people waiting for a refund too, but customer service never replies when it comes to that. Glad I saved you LOL xx


      1. That’s intriguing, you should try tracking it on http://www.17track.net just to see where it really went to (just to double check with usps). Mine says “Brunei” as the destination, but who knows, maybe USPS thinks its also a city in China. Hahahaha. But on a serious note, I worry about my packages every single day. There’s a lot of caveats in their “international shipping” services like tracking stops when it leaves US unless you live in 18 countries where it will track right to your doorstep (Bru aint one). Also, I heard that they only seal the packages using a scotch tape, and the package totally screams “IM THE CONSISTENTLY SOLD OUT KYLIE COSMETICS. STEAL ME GUYS”. Lots of things need to change! 😦


      2. I tracked it on that site and it still says it’s in USPS’ facility in LA :/ wow scotch tape only??? That’s ridiculous… Mine is either still in US or idk stolen.


  7. I placed 2 orders with them, one on march 28th and one on march 31. and I tracked my orders on thet site and still the one placed later was delivered today and the other one still says “Your item departed our USPS facility in LOS ANGELES, CA 90009 on March 30, 2016 at 6:34 pm. The item is currently in transit to the destination.” Kylie cosmetics costumer service is unnacceptable. SO MAD!


  8. I received an empty box also. Sent EIGHT emails to customer service with NO response. Shame on this company. I shouldnhave known better but I am not forced to file a dispute with my credit card company AND the better business bureau.


  9. I think I’m having the same problem too . Very disappointing transaction just stopped after depart LA … Btw how do u contact the USPS?


  10. Exact same issue with mine coming to Australia! Got the same emails you did. I’ve disputed with my bank and they are now investigating for me. Absolutely appalling service from KC.


  11. Hi there! This is happening to me RIGHT NOW. Ive emailed them about my shipment not coming 3 times and i got the same Reply saying “USPS tracking can be wrong etc” . NOTE : I got this reply TWICE. Just shows that kylie doesn’t really “care” about her fans and giving them what they want. She should ATLEAST fix the customer service.


  12. Wish I saw this earlier! I live in China for work and have been trying to track my parcel, but i read online that once first class parcels from usps leave the country it can not be tracked in China. So frustrating, she should definitely give more postage options like registered mail instead which you can track!


  13. Hi Everyone,

    I too am facing an issue with the delivery of Kylie cosmetics! I ordered the lip kits worth above 60 dollars and haven’t received them even after more than a month now. The customer service sucks and their couldn’t care less and mean attitude is very disappointing. This is like playing with people’s hard earned money and feelings. Kylie is an international celebrity and this kind of service and attitude is not expected at all. I mean I’m shocked at how could a company be so irresponsible!! Highly disappointing… Also, my hard earned money is down the drain now… mean, mean people!! 😦

    I’m hoping firstly that I receive my order soon… secondly, its in decent shape… or thirdly, they refund my money as I’m not interested anymore. I’m like highly put off with the whole thing! If they keep this up, soon people will just stop ordering from them. 😦




    1. I’m a victim too. Everything that was said in the blog happened to me. Customer service stopped responding to my email. And I think I will loose my money. I will try to follow one of the comments above to dispute it in our credit card see if atleast we can get our refund back that way. Best of luck.


  14. omg im so angry. its been a month and my parcel still hasn’t arrive in Brunei. how long does it actually take honestly???? indakan sampai sebulan?


      1. yeah but my tracking says its sending to Brunei. everything was right. it has left the country for more than a month. however, how was it possible for your Jeffree Star to arrive 2 weeks? was the shipping thru USPS aswell? appreciate ur reply xx


  15. I purchased $363.78 worth of kylie cosmetics and the order did not arrive. The usps tracking showed that it was delivered to my office at the front desk. My other online orders were received by our receptionist and given to me except for this kylie order. I have emailed them saying i did not get it but they kept on saying that they do not issue refunds or returns. They asked me to call usps and i did but they said that the package is not insured or signature required and that they did not have proof of delivery. How can they ship something of that amount with no insurance or at least require a signature. They have selfish policies. It’s a policy that shows they do not care about their customers and they only care about making money. This business reflects the true attitude of kylie jenner and it’s appalling.


    1. Oh my that’s horrible!! I’m so sorry you had to go through that. I agree, not being biased but based on facts, KJ just does it for money and I’m surprised people still purchase her products


  16. I’m late to this “party” but in my country, the Kylie madness has really just begun and as a blogger I feel I need to put an end to this madness. I hope you won’t mind if I link this post into my post? I hope you bought yourself something nice from selling those lip kits in the end 🙂




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